We’ve Got Some Work To Do

We bought our house not knowing if we would eventually do a full remodel and addition or build a new one someday. Until we make that decision, we needed a roof over our heads and luckily, the farm we bought does have a house on it. It is an old, original farmhouse dated past 1900, the actual build date is unknown, and while I have a love of old houses, this one was rough even for me.

Nathan had wanted this house for as long as I have known him, it’s been his hope to buy this farm that he spent time at as a kid and I was more than happy to live out that dream with him. When the opportunity finally came up to buy the house, I was seven months pregnant and was pretty set on staying in our gorgeous, Pinterest-worthy home at least until the baby was here and we had a little more time. However, life doesn’t work that way and, with a leap of faith, we decided to list our home and buy the farm.

Looking at the pictures you may think, that’s not so bad! That’s a perfectly decent house to live in! However, pictures can’t say it all. My first time walking through it I cried. Sure, you can blame the pregnancy hormones but I know my thoughts were on the amount of work it would take to even partially restore its former beauty. Normally I can walk into a run down house and I can immediately see the potential, I can see exactly what it needs to fix it up, but with this house my mind was drawing a blank. It’s small, much smaller than what our current house size was, and the condition wasn’t exactly ideal to bring a newborn baby home to. Once I got over the initial shock and Nathan started the demolition, my fears had subsided for the most part and I got into the mind set that I didn’t need our big, beautiful house. This house would be more than sufficient for now and more than anything, we just bought 28 acres of farmland that was worth way more than an old run down house. We are well on our way to having the house done and ready to move in, the transformation is nothing short of a miracle and I will make sure to give an update once we are settled in.

It’s not going to be our forever home but it’s on OUR farm, on OUR land, our daughter will only know life on OUR homestead and that is the important part to us.



Published by Rolling Acres Homestead

Welcome to our farm, affectionately known as Rolling Acres Homestead. Follow us as we head back to our country roots on 28 acres while we learn to live a more simple, self-sufficient lifestyle.

2 thoughts on “We’ve Got Some Work To Do

  1. I’m excited to see your progress! We just bought a farm, too- on Dec. 13th! – and we are also giving it a little “face lift”. Good luck!


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