Who Are We?

Who are we? Who do we want to be? What do we want out of life? How do we want to raise our family? These are the questions we often discussed sitting in our house in the middle of town, surrounded by neighbors on a tiny lot, trying to figure out what direction we wanted our lives to head. While we still often talk about these questions, and we certainly don’t have everything figured out, we have made many steps in the right direction towards what we want to get out of life. Sitting in the living room of the first house Nathan ever bought, the first house we shared together, we often talked about how city life wasn’t for either of us and someday dreamed about living as modern homesteaders. Modern is key to homesteading for us, as I’m not quite ready to go back to my Amish ancestor roots. We’re still trying to navigate exactly what that means to us, but we’re figuring it out as we go and just completed our first real step in the process, buying our forever homestead.

We are Nathan and Meghan McCarty, married in September of 2014 and just recently added a daughter to the mix, Harper Grace, born in December of 2016. I, Meghan, am a full-time nursing student and with four semesters left I’m excited about starting my new career. Nathan also works a full time job as a branch manager of a bank. We recently bought our first and forever homestead, a beautiful 28 acres of rolling hills, the perfect size for what we are hoping to do. This was a once an active hobby farm, with mostly beef cattle, owned by Nathan’s great aunt and uncle. When he was a young boy, he has fond memories, feeding the cows and fish, playing with their collie, and fishing. The homestead is not exactly in tip top shape and will take some work to get back in running order. So far we’ve brought our chickens over, Nathan made them a coop in the barn, and they seem to be happy in their new home. As the weather starts to warm, we will be adding new animals, getting the property cleaned up, starting a garden and working on making this homestead as efficient as possible for us.


This blog will be used to keep track of everything we are up to on the homestead. Nathan and I will both be writing articles about what we’ve accomplished, successes and fails, as we both learn how to run a homestead. We also look forward to hearing from other homesteaders, get advice from those who have been in our shoes before and what has and hasn’t worked for them. Please introduce yourselves in the comments and follow along with us on our journey!

Published by Rolling Acres Homestead

Welcome to our farm, affectionately known as Rolling Acres Homestead. Follow us as we head back to our country roots on 28 acres while we learn to live a more simple, self-sufficient lifestyle.

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